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WEIGHT: 190 

ETHNICITY: White male stripper

COSTUMES: •Construction •Police •Fireman •Badboy


• (Basics) For The Male (men) Exotic Strippers
Hire some of the best Exotic Male (man) Dancers Male Strippers, we will have your Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Ladies Night, Party Bus going just the way you want. The best wild professional exotic dancers are here at Playtime Strippers near you ready to go 24 hours 7 days a week. With the Hottest Male (man) Exotic Dancers you can fine, they always put on a great privet show for you and your guest to remember. You can book for your Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Ladies Night, Party Bus ahead of time to insure your exotic male dancer arrives on time in costume ready to go. It is one of the biggest times for Male (man) Strippers Exotic Dancers to Service, so have some fun for your special Birthday party or Bachelorette party and enjoy the games, lap dances, guest of honor and more. Each one of are Hottest Male (man) Strippers Exotic dancers provide a professional experience by bringing and handling there own music, party lights, props, costumes and more. We provide some of the best sexiest body Male Stripper Exotic Male (man) Entertainers for hire you can ask for, even if your Private Party, Birthday Party Bachelorette Party, Party Bus is booked last minute we will do are best to ensure your Event gets a sexy hot Male (man) Stripper Exotic Entertainer for hire as fast as we can rush him there 24 hours 7 days a week no matter the time so your Private Party is remembered to be a fun exciting time. Remember that California has a strict rule for Male (man) Exotic Dancer Stripper Events for Hire that all guest attending must be the age of 18 and over. Place your order for one of are great professional sexy Male (man) Strippers Exotic Dancers by phone, text, email or here online in minutes to enjoy your night of fun excitement and entertainment.
• Playtime Strippers
We are a professional Male (Man) exotic Male (Man) Stripper Entertainment Agency for Hire catering for all private party events Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Party Bus, Ladies Nights and more.
• (Costumes) For Male Exotic Dancers
Are Male Strippers Exotic Male Dancers provide there own costumes by request of your liking, there are plenty different Male Strippers Exotic costumes to choose from. Most of the Exotic Male Dancers have different choices of costumes on there profile page just to give you and idea, but they also have other very sexy Male Exotic costumes to choose from that are not listed so just call you with your idea and we will do are best to make it happen for your Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Private Party or Ladies Night Event.
• (Location) For Your Male Exotic Strippers
Nothing like these hottest Male Strippers Exotic dancers for hire in the city of Los Angeles, we are here to please and excite with the best most professional Private Party Shows available. We will come to your residents, your home or even if you booked a hotel room and just want some hot Male (men) Exotic Strippers entertainment for good time we are here just ring the Playtime Strippers call line and speak to one of are helpful booking Stripper for Hire agents rather its weeks or months or hours or even minutes ahead of time to get you a super sexy Male Stripper Exotic Male Entertainer for the plesiosaur of having some fun and entertainment.
• (Show Time) With The Male Exotic Strippers
Your exotic Male dancer will give you a call upon arrival so you can meet out front to go over details of your Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Ladies night Private Party such as who’s the lady of the night and what is she wearing, are there any special request on music and dances, how hot and wild would you like the Private Show to be, nude, half naked, tongs or boxer briefs. The dancer will set up there music and light show once inside. The play multiple different games with the lady of the night and your guest so please inform your guest to have tips available for the Exotic Male Stripper. The Male Stripper will give his best professional performance for your Private Party. Please create room and move any expensive items out the way so they do not get damaged or broken.
Have a great time with some of the best sexiest hot male (man) exotic strippers. Are sexy exotic male (men) dancers bring there A-game each and every Bachelorette party, Birthday Party, privet party and events. You let’s us know what your plans are for one or more of these sexy male exotic entertainers and we will make it happen. Fun and a good time is what its all about so trust us when it comes to making your party moments a memory of a wild and exciting time.